This gallery begins in early June 2020. Lisa started her first job as a barista at JT Java house. She got my order right and gave me a big smile when I pulled through the drive in. She got a good tip!

Most of the pictures in the gallery are from quarantine in our backyard. We escaped for dinner on my 51st birthday to eat outdoors at JJ Jeffries. Later in June we visited the farm at Grandpa's to watch the sun set over the fields. The cabin was open for the season that evening.

My hibiscus were in full bloom in July. I was inspired by the gardens in Battery Park a few years ago. This year the spotted lantern flies arrived. They turn a beautiful red color before maturing.

I celebrated my first gallery show at the North Museum. They exhibited several of my shark photographs this year. We celebrated later at Plough at the Marriott in downtown Lancaster. In August we dropped off Michael in Pittsburgh to begin the fall semester at Pitt. He was anxious to resume his engineering classes.

The garden produced dozens of peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes this year. It was a good year for butterflies too. An Eastern Black Swallowtail hatched from my parsley plants on the deck. We finished the summer back at Grandpa's for an evening dinner to celebrate uncle Kevin's birthday.
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