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This gallery was shot after a glorious but futile attempt to climb the Gunung Api volcano. Ok, so I was feeling wimpy and tired that morning. Anyways, I eventually wandered through the village of at the base of the mountain while it rained atop the mountain. I guess I lucked out as I spent my leisure time relaxing on a villager's porch and listening to the rain. Later that day we traveled to the town of Banda Neira. There are 2 Dutch forts on the island. The oldest, Fort Nassau, is mostly grass covered. The newer fort, Fort Belgica, is perched on the hillside and provides a great view of the town and the volcano. Banda Neira is a great spot to collect exotic spices including nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon. I skipped the chance to buy sun baked, rotting fish. I thought it might not pack too well for the trip home. As on previous trips, the locals were engaging and the children couldn't stop hamming it up for the camera. You might notice the picture of the owner of the Hotel, Tanya Alwi, who traveled to the White House a few years ago to meet the President.

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