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This gallery is from Barbados in March 2018. We rested in the Southwest of the island at Sapphire Beach Condos. The ocean was rough this week making the diving and snorkeling a bit challenging. The visibility was poor in Carlisle Bay but we still had a good time diving with Peter and his crew from West Side Scuba. The waves were good enough to uncover a nice Rolex right in front of our hotel on Dover Beach! There were plenty of turtles this week but they were hard to photograph. I picked up a sharksucker one morning and he stayed with me for more than one hour as I searched for more treasure.

Later in the week we traveled East to Tent Bay and Bathsheba to see the big waves. We stopped at the Atlantis Hotel for lunch and inspected the local fishing boats. I imagine that launching these boats must be risky at Tent Bay given the amount of shipwrecks on site. One evening we went to Oistins for the fish fry and barbecue. Lots of food and people! The weather in the North was not good and the beaches up in Sandy Lane were closed.

Oh well, the waves were fun at Dover beach all week.