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I traveled to Guadalupe this fall to visit the tremendous white shark population in Western Mexico. We spent 3 days in cages observing sharks from sunrise until sunset. There were 5 cages on the back of the Nautilus Belle Amie. The 2 surface cages were execellent for close action and the 3 deep cages allowed the sharks to circle the divers. I found the sharks to be more curious than ferocious and they especially took interest in my blue video lights. The largest female sharks were easily 18' long. Unfortunately, we did not see Deep Blue this week. She is estimated to be 7 meters long.

In the evening, we were treated to a viewing of Jaws on a widescreen on the top deck of the Belle Amie under the stars. The trip was fantastic and I hope to return with the family in the future. The crew were professional and very knowledgeable. They run a safe expedition and the sharks were treated respectfully.

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