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This video is a combination of 2 dives from 6/24/16 on the Heian Maru in Truk Lagoon. The ship rests on its port side at 115 feet. I started with a solitary exploration of the first 2 cargo holds near the bow. There were 3 decks below the entrance before reaching the bottom of the ship. Because the wreck lies on its left side, the cargo holds must be entered horizontally. In the darkness there were several large torpedoes and multiple artillery shells. The penetration is murky and very dark, especially in the back regions were the 23 foot long range torpedoes rest.

I met with the group as they maneuvered a narrow passage between holds 1 and 2. A school of copper sweepers can be seen silhouetted in the lights as we explored in the darkness. Later in the video we explored the radio room and the crew quarters. The walls are wooden in the crew quarters and were easily disturbed by our bubbles. This lead to a quick silt out and very poor visibility. I have only limited footage from this area as we needed to exit quickly. The medicine kit above was one of the best finds all week.