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We did several dives on the Shinkoku Maru on 6/21/16. This short video shows the extraordinary marine growth on the deck of the bow including the impressive bow gun. The Shinkoku is famous for the dense population of anemones that have grown over the past 70 years. The video also includes exploration of the bridge superstructure including an old examination table displaying old bottles and a few remaining bones. The Shinkoku Maru sank on Feb 18, 1944 after being attacked by torpedo bombers. It is a large wreck stretching 500 feet long across the seabed. The deck is relatively shallow at 65 feet. The wreck is too large to cover in one or two dives and there are many sections that I have yet to explore. Please visit the other video that I recorded deep in the engine room for an idea of how large and diverse this wreck is.