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This collection includes photos taken during a visit to Lembeh Resort and Minahasa in 2009. Lembeh is renowned for muck diving and critter hunting. Diverse species are abundant but sometimes incredibly hard to find without an experienced guide. Most of the subjects are camouflaged. Some, like the mimic octopus, are skillful in resembling other species' motion and shape. Frogfish of various colors can be found on most dives. The hairy frogfish is especially camouflaged and easily missed. The wall diving at Bunaken is exciting with unpredictable currents. Whales and dolphins were often seen during survace intervals between dive sites. They proved hard subjects to photograph. The meat market in Manado is an interesting visit as shown. For those who have bored of continental cuisine, bats and dog meat provide a pleasant change. I preffered fresh papaya purchased from the locals.