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This group of pictures was taken on 2 trips to Murrell's Inlet in South Carolina in 2015 and 2016. We had a great time with the crew from Scuba Express. These pictures were taken from several sites including Grand Central, Goldfinch, the City of Richmond, the Civil War Wreck, and the Hebe. The highlight of the trip was the wreckage of the Hebe at 110'. After searching everywhere, we found a large frogfish 10 feet from the anchor line where we initially started. The video from the Hebe shows a different giant yellow frogfish from a separate dive. The wreck was so covered with fish that it was very easy to loose your location - and your dive buddy! Most of the pictures were taken below the "fish layer." I found myself muttering "How am I going to find anything to photograph with all these fish in the way?" See the video from the Wreck of the Hebe under the videos menu.

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