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This group of pictures was taken on a recent trip to Murrells Inlet in South Carolina. The diving was excellent and we had a great time with the crew from Scuba Express. These pictures were taken on 3 separate dives from May 15-17, 2015. The sites included Grand Central, Goldfinch, and the Hebe. The highlight of the trip was the wreckage of the Hebe at 110'. After searching everywhere, we found a large frogfish located 10 feet from the anchor line. In the past I was told that there were frogfish on this wreck and I was excited when we found a large one almost camouflaged from our view. The wreck was so covered with fish that it was very easy to loose your location - and your dive buddy! Most of the pictures were taken below the "fish layer" as I found myself muttering "How am I going to find anything to photograph with all these fish in the way?" See the video from the Wreck of the Hebe under the videos menu.

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