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We visited Beqa, Fiji in October 2019 for seven days before boarding the Naia. I finally got to spend a week at the Beqa Lagoon Resort after hearing so much about it almost 2 decades ago. It was nice to revisit the Pearl Resort on Viti Levu briefly before traveling south to Beqa. We were greeted on the beach at Beqa Lagoon on arrival. BLR is spread across several acres and I was lucky to have an upstairs apartment with a large deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Diving at Beqa includes beautiful soft and hard corals, multiple ship wrecks, and exciting shark diving. Many of the reefs are covered with colorful anthias and butterflyfish. I especially loved the brilliant red sea fans. Some of the sites such as Carpet Cove had enormous anemones with Fiji anemone fish. The highlight of course was the close encounters will huge tiger sharks. There were dozens of bull sharks too but the tigers commanded attention at all times. See my video clips in the video gallery for more images. I attached a Hero 6 GoPro on top of my housing to grab some video.

We spent some time on land as well. We visited the local school and drank Kava with the villagers. Beqa specializes in fire walking and we had a night time show as well. We had a picnic on a nearby island late in the week between dives. The last day included some fantastic dives sites including Three sisters and Golden Arch. These sites reminded me of a previous trip to Taveuni in 2007. I finished the week on a paddle board just to appreciate how beautiful the island appeared. My thanks to Jeff Fischer for planning the trip!