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This gallery shows pictures from St Kitts in March 2017. We stayed at the wonderful Belle Mont Farm on Kittian Hill. The resort includes wonderful farm to table meals as well as edible landscape. We had a great breakfast under a huge mango tree. The large table on the hillside was where we ate dinner one evening. The family homes come with a separate guest house for families of 6-8. This location would be perfect for a family vacation. Michael and Lisa were excited to visit the Brimstone Hill fortress high above the western coastline. The diving was much better than I expected. We visited the wrecks of the Corinthian and the River Taw. The sponge life was dramatic and colorful. Auston does a great job with ProDivers in Basseterre. The final picture is an aerial shot of Mt Liamuiga which climbs over Kittian Hill in the west.