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This gallery is from October 24-27, 2015. After finishing our trip in Raja Ampat, we travelled from Sorong, Indonesia to North Sulawesi and then up to Gangga Island. The northern location of the island allows access to beautiful coral reefs as well as muck diving all in one spot. In contrast to Lembeh, the beaches are pure white sand. The diving was spectacular at Gangga and Bangka Islands. On the first dive at Yellow Coco, we saw 4 ghost pipefish, 4 frogfish, a pair of giant cuttlefish, and multiple other exotic critters. The pictures from this gallery where collected during 10 dives over 4 days.

The resort is relaxed and very quiet. The best dive sites were actually on the walls at North Sulawesi, especially at a site called Efratha. The northern location of Gangga Island allows travel to both Lembeh and Bunaken (see the map), however, the dive sites at Gangga were fantastic and there was no reason to travel far. The camera facilities were good and the boat was uncrowded. The white sand beach was great for collecting exotic seashells, although I left them remain in Gangga where they belong.