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This gallery is from a recent trip to Dominica in January 2017. I was blown away by the colors of the coral and sponges. During our week we saw 32 species of sponges and spectacular coral reefs. The black sand at some dive sites reminded me of Indonesia. The bubbling volcanic gases at Champagne can be seen in the gallery below. This dive site also includes an old English canon. There are great macro subjects in Dominica but I couldn't break from shooting wide angle all week. This island is truly one of the best in the Caribbean and rivals many sites that I have seen in the Pacific. We stayed at the Fort Young Hotel in Roseau and had a great time with Buddy Dive. They did a great job accommodating the group, especially when our dive gear didn't arrive until the next night. The island is beautiful and one could easily spend the entire week hiking up in the mountains. We spent the last day hiking to Trafalgar Falls and swimming at Titou Gorge. There are multiple locations that were used for The Pirates of the Caribbean. Fortunately the kraken didn't show up!

There are three pictures in this gallery that I took some artistic liberty. I'll let you guess which ones they are.

Addendum: I was saddened to hear about the devastating hurricane that struck Dominica in the fall of 2017. I wish all the best for the people of Dominica.