This gallery begins with the construction of our new patio on March 17 and finishes on May 31 as the grass becomes a fabulous deep green color. The cherry and redbud trees were magnificent this year. In early May our honey bee hive swarmed with arrival of a new queen. Lancaster Bee Keeper Society arrived to collect the swarm for conservation. Our French bee keeper caught the queen with her bare hands to save the colony. Fortunately, uncle Kevin's peach tree survived the winter and bloomed perfectly in April. Regretably, only three peaches arrived in the summer and they were quite small this first year. But this year was great for growing lettuce for salads!

Lisa learned to roller-skate during the Covid pandemic. Michael joined her on his skate board wearing his Supreme swag. I took some portraits of Michael for his music project early in March. They both have cars now to crowd the driveway.

In the spring we began to use the fire pit. We viewed slides outside in the evening and warmed marshmallows. The deck and fire pit should be great for parties in the future.

We also visited grandpa's farm to see his geese and flowers in the spring. The geese like to take daily bath's in the stream when the weather is warm.
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