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We traveled from Madrid by a high speed train to Antequera and then took a coach to Granada. The Andalusian country side was beautiful and was a nice break from the busy streets of Madrid. Our penthouse terrace at Chezmoihomes was perfect for observing the Granada Cathedral at sunrise. The towers of Alhambra could be seen high up on the hillside towards the East. Down below in Plaza de Bib-rambla, the summer festival started and provided evening entertainment and music. Our central location was perfect for shopping and exploring the nearby Albaicin hillside.

On our first day we toured the fantastic Alhambra castle and the gardens at Generalife. We followed our guide Hamdi through the beautiful Nasrid Palace. This Moorish fortress included elaborate mocarabe arches, glazed ceramic tiles, and cursive epigraphy that quoted Arabic poems. The Patio de los Leones' was recently restored to its orinal appearance. The ceilings were decorated with muquarna resembling a honey-comb. The reflecting pool at the Patio de los Arrayanes was spectacular. The horseshoe arch at the Gate of Justice brought us to the Alcazaba. This original fortress from the 1300's provided great views of central Granada and the hillside Albaicin neighborhood.

Later in the evening we walked up the Albaicin hillside to El Temple del Flamenco. The caves were perfect for Flamenco and Spanish guitar. Olé!

On the last day Hyasmine attended Sunday mass at the cathedral. I hiked to the top of the Albaicin to photograph the Alhambra on the nearby hillside. Later in the afternoon, we watched the Catholic procession through the streets. We finished the evening with an outdoor meal at Cafe Bib-rambla. I included pictures of several of our meals from Granada, including my favorite from the especial tapas menu at Terraneo.