This gallery begins in September and includes the late fall and Thanksgiving. The first picture is liscenced by Marvel Comics and is Hyasmine's new medical superhero character. It was created by a friend of the family. In September Hyasmine and I hiked at Middle Creek to see the fall leaves and the late flowers. We prepared the deck for a special pre-conference dinner for Patients R Waiting. We were grateful to have Dr Jenkins and the president of F&M over for the evening along with many other guests. The meal was catered and we entertained guests from all over the Northeast.

The fall colors were striking this year. We traveled back to Middle Creek for another hike in October. Hyas collected some flowers for the office. I connected on Zoom for the North Museum Explorer's Club for a cheese tasting sponsored by Farm Fromage. We sampled 7 local artisan cheeses along with a great red wine from Waltz Vineyards. I collected my last roses from the garden for Hyas. We completed October with a party on the new deck.

In November a hot air balloon made an unexpected landing in our neighborhood. The sound overhead alerted many of us in the early morning. Later that month we hiked in Nolde State Park to spread Jim's ashes on the Boulevard trail on the way to the rock outcrop. Hyasmine and I returned a week later to hike again when the weather improved. Our garden produced a great crop of hot peppers this year!

Michael and I enjoyed the fire pit this fall. Likewise, Lisa invited Joan over to enjoy the last few good evenings outside before winter. I sampled a few bottles of Chimay and other Belgian ales by the fire. The gallery finishes with Thanksgiving. Hyasmine cooked 7 dishes and a pumpkin pie this year. Michael made ramen noodles one evening. I finished by redecorating the deck for Christmas.
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